KD Tumbling at Plum

Our Plum Studio is equipped with a gym facility that focuses on Tumbling for Cheer & Dance.

KD Tumbling hosts over 12 classes per week, 3 Custom Designed Cheer Programs for local High School Competitive Teams, and over 50 private and semi-private lessons. 

If you want to hone your floor skills as a cheerleader OR dancer, with our facility and first class instruction, this is the place for you!


Please review our Class Descriptions for the 2019-2020 Season Schedule below:

GYM CLASS DESCRIPTIONS with Ages/Requirements

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Lil Tumblers: Ages 3-4.5 Introduction to basic flexibility and strengthening exercises and basic tumbling skills

Pre-K Tumblers: Ages 5-6 Introduction to basic flexibility and strengthening exercises and basic tumbling skills

Acro/Tumbling for Dancers Ages 7-9: Aligns with dance class schedule for 7-9 year olds. Multiple instructors for this class allow students to progress at their own pace and work at their own level. Skills covered but not limited to include: cartwheels, handstands, back bends, front limbers, and back bend kickovers.

Acro/Tumbling for Dancers Ages 10 & Up: Aligns with dance class schedule for 10 & Up dancers. Multiple instructors for this class allow students to progress at their own pace and work at their own level. Basic tumbling knowledge is required.

Beginner 1A&1B: Basics-cartwheels, handstands, backbends, front limbers, backbend kickovers

Beginner 2A & 2B: Must have all of the above and working on back walkovers, front walkovers, round offs, beginning back handsprings

The following 3 classes require a student evaluation prior to enrollment:

Intermediate 1: Must have a solid back/front walkover and round offs, working on standing back handsprings and round off back handsprings.

Intermediate 2: Must have a solid standing back handspring and round off back handspring, working on multiple back handsprings, tucks and/or aerials.


Advanced: Must have solid multiple back handsprings and round off tuck, round off back handspring tuck or standing tuck, working on layouts, fulls, whips, and front tumbling.


New Classes!

Tumbling for Cheer (ages 12 & Up) Specifically for Cheerleaders! Students should have basic tumbling knowledge; emphasis on cheer jumps/cheer specific tumbling and technique.

Open Gym (ages 8 & up): A one-hour non-structured session in which students have free use of the equipment to brush up on old skills and/or work on new skills with occasional spotting from instructors.  Space is limited and sign-ups are required in order to attend!

Dance/Gym Combo (ages 3-4 OR ages 5-6) A total class hour of 60 minute, 30 minutes of dance and 30 minutes of gym. The 30 minutes of gym will consist of an introduction to basic flexibility and strengthening exercises along with basic tumbling skills.


My daughter started taking tumbling classes at Kelsey’s in the Summer of 2016.  With their skilled and patient instructors, she  was able to overcome fears and greatly advance her tumbling skills.  The class sizes, open gyms, summer clinics, and private instruction have all been excellent.  Our plan was to try Kelsey’s out for the summer,  she loved it so much we never left!





My daughter has been taking private tumbling lessons with Kelly for 6 years!  We can’t say enough wonderful things about her.  In all that time my daughter has never gotten hurt.  Kelly is very calm, challenging, encouraging & knowledgeable.  She makes my daughter feel so comfortable & explains the steps she needs to take to complete her next task in a simple way. Kelly is very patient with her and really encourages her. She takes the time to prefect the skill where some would just stop teaching it one they achieve it.  She is honest with me about my daughter’s improvement or lack thereof.  (Not every lesson is perfect, my daughter does have a bad day once and awhile.)  My daughter looks forward to her private lesson every time.  At the end of it she is sweaty and you can tell she really worked hard in that 30 minutes.    Kelly is amazing and incredibly knowledgeable about tumbling, safety & the whole competitive side of the sport.  I would recommend her hands down to anyone looking to work hard to improve themselves.  The private lesson my daughter gets with Kelly is worth every penny.  

Bridget & Ashley

In 2010, I chose Kelly to be my private tumbling instructor. Eight years later and I am still confident that it was the best decision I could have made in the course of my tumbling career. When I started taking privates with Kelly, I had already been cheering for two years. Therefore, I already had skills under my belt. However, the time that I spent doing lessons with Kelly not only allowed me to substantially improve the technique of the skills I already had, but it allowed me to progress so much further. In the time I spent with Kelly, I worked my way from a level one team to a level five team, attempting full twisting skills on the floor.  Personally, I was not a person who was able to just work and get a new skill every couple of weeks. I had to really work for and practice the skills I gained, and Kelly was equipped with ample patience to support me along the way.   Additionally, when I choose Kelly as my instructor, I gained so much more than a tumbling coach.  Kelly is not just a coach to me. She is my friend, and she has always been to there to support me in all of my endeavors, cheerleading and otherwise. 

My daughter loves Coach Kelly and all the staff at KD Tumbling. The coaches are kind, knowledgeable, and always encouraging. They have helped her improve her core strength, tumbling skills, and most importantly her self-confidence. - Lori B.